Could I talk to you?

It took me some time to persuade her.

I'm sure going to miss you.

He invested 500,000 yen in stocks.

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I already told them that.

Emet dislikes that woman.

All we have to do is wait.

Father wants me to study abroad while I am young.

I'm going to sign up for a French class.

You wrote that you thought Tigger would be late.

She is full of adventure.


Remarkably it disappeared within the blink of an eye.

Could you send me a photo?

"Just go in and tell the boss you want a raise." "That's easier said than done."


I must get this work done by the day after tomorrow.


Hunter said you were his friend.


Rodney told me to load my pistol.

Tonight I have guests.

I can't get sick now, my vacation starts tomorrow!

I'm glad we were able to help.

You've seen what Marla can do.

How I wish I had a car.

Jwahar stamped her foot three times.


I wonder where Roxane is from.

Lawrence taught French at a small college.

She ran outside half-naked.


Today is our anniversary so let's make this a special dinner.

Does it make a big difference?

Micah didn't tell me anything at all.

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Today, the weather is very nice.


You will conform.

Did you really break up with her over the phone? That's rude.

I am doing my homework.


Wait till the kettle begins to sing.

We'll mail it to you.

Who tore this package open?

Axel adapted last year's lesson plans so he could use them with this year's lower level students.

This beef is very nice and tender.


I ran all the way here and I'm out of breath.


He could not catch the hare.

Because of this it will probably be generally cloudy and rainy weather over tonight and tomorrow.

Gregor seemed interested in nothing else.

Rajesh barely speaks to Judge anymore.

Tatoeba Day starts now!

A state is made up of individuals who compose it.

Courtney knew Kristi was lying.

We use them often as parasols or umbrellas.

My father likes fishing, and so do I.

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You need to have friends who can help you out.


Martin wanted to know where to go.

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Todd looked fine.


I visited Paris, but I didn't climb the Eiffel tower, since I'm afraid of heights.

He was opposed to monopolies.

He who loves much does not forgive easily.

He is a diamond in the rough.

I enjoy looking at my old diary.

I'm out of work.

I'm not busy now.


Cathy opened the bottle and sniffed its contents.


You can't be happy all the time.

I like watching baseball games.

Judging from his expression, he is not telling the truth.


I have looked everywhere, but I can not find my wallet.


He has no scruples about lying.

Now that I'm here, the problem is as good as solved.

I usually cut loose a bit and drink plenty before a day off work but if my drinks are cut with tochu tea then I get absolutely no hangover.

John has gone cuckoo.

It is over a century since slavery was made illegal.


You don't belong here.

I'm the one who dreamed about Merton.

We're still together.

I am depressed by my illness.

The castle is associated with things like ghosts and ruins.


He has a grip of steel.


Murph had almost forgotten all about what had happened.

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I appreciate your answering my enquiry so promptly.

Give me a reason.

The beggar accosted me for money.

I tried to do that, but I couldn't.

The night is hot.


This business plan of yours seems almost too optimistic. All I can say is I hope it's more than just wishful thinking.

You may park here.

I want to become a singer.

I've never finished reading the books that I don't like.

We're excited about that.

No matter how hard you try, you can't finish it in a day.

He's the head of the marketing department.


Do you take sugar in your coffee?

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Samuel filtered the water.


I don't see that it matters now.


Here's my pink notebook.

Keep in touch by mail.

Watching wild birds is great fun.

I'm not sure how to be a good husband and father.

They absolutely detest each other.

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Would you like bacon or sausage?

Such conduct does not beseem you.

Your mother is in critical condition.

People often know perfectly well what they are doing.

Mick walked toward the pool.

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Where do these come from?

Aaron is the devil.

She sorted the files in alphabetical order.

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She got a position as a typist.


Rajesh reached for a pen.


We must consider these matters as a whole.

Spike likes to keep to himself.

The mayor compromised on the subject to a certain extent.

I like that young man.

I won't have you lying to me!

Takayuki didn't show up for dinner.

Let's enjoy the long vacation.


Leon thinks it won't be possible.

My license was confiscated.

Edison invented the lightbulb.

Jorge didn't know much.

She gave me a sealed envelope.

Please read the meter.

Can you eat these?


We are to get married in June.

It'll be Christmas soon.

I wonder what Ricardo and Norma have in common.

We've been sitting in this traffic for over an hour.

I don't even vote.

She is terrified of the dark.

I think love doesn't exist.


I've just signed the divorce papers; I'm free at last!

I think perhaps Ginny can help Justin.

You look like someone who could use a drink.

The old man wondered why life had passed him by.

I've wanted to meet you for a long time.

Jeanne's a keen hiker and bird watcher.

Vince has no idea what to do.

He is our teacher of English.

My birthday approaches.

A poor workman blames his tools.

I haven't had time to thank you properly.


I can't work with them.

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You're in perky form, aren't you?


A huge tanker just pulled out from the dock.

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We have to protect our border.

Let's stay home and watch TV.

He is intelligent.

The traffic is bumper-to-bumper during rush hour.

She is a woman of singular beauty.

Tell me again what I'm supposed to do.

Clay could say no.

My new laptop is thinner and lighter than my old one.

It's annoying not being able to find the error in my calculation.


It looks like Jacob has been bitten by the love bug.


The next artist is amazing.

I did everything I could, but I had to give up.

He telephoned me again and again.

There's one in Swedish also.

Kent didn't take off his shirt.

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His monthly income amounts to half a million yen.